Trial Pasture

Plot Details

  • 4 plots total

  • All are field sized plots with 40-foot treatments

  • Sites for 4 Plots

  • Rollingstone, Minnesota

  • St. James, Minnesota (2 plots)

  • Gaylord, Minnesota

Pasto 01
  • 1. Control

  • 2. Foliar spray 7 lbs of Allganic® Nitrogen/acre

  • 3. Foliar spray 14 lbs of Allganic® Nitrogen/acre

  • 4. Foliar spray 3 gal Dramm ONE+1 gal SP-1/acre (3.5 lb Allganic® Nitrogen)

Pasto 02
All plots are new seedings with either Italian Ryegrass or Perennial Ryegrass/alfalfa, with the following guidelines:

Planted the plots in late May

Very late winter and flooding caused late planting

Applied treatments 3 times (3 grazing periods) throughout season in a 15-gallon/ac tank mix.

1st spray

June 16th

2nd spray

July 16th

3rd spray

August 25th

Hand harvested and collected samples for yield and quality analysis prior to each harvest of each treatment. Samples are taken at 20´ (middle of the plot)

1st harvest

June 1th

2nd harvest

August 1th

3rd harvest

September 15th

(Harvest = Grazing Period)


  • Forage quality analysis used TTNDFD method, to calculate milk per ton.

*letters b and c indicate yield increases were statistically significant to the 95% confidence level.

Yield 1st Cutting

Yield 2nd Cutting

Yield 3rd Cutting

*letter b indicates RFQ increases were statistically significant to the 95% confidence level.

Relative Forage Quality 1st

Relative Forage Quality 2nd

Relative Forage Quality 3rd

*All results came back as statistically insignificant.

Net Energy Lactation 1st

Net Energy Lactation 2nd

Net Energy Lactation 3rd

*All results came back as statistically insignificant

Protein 1st

Protein 2nd

Protein 3rd

Price per ton of forage was calculated using the value of $1.60 per unit of RFQ, and then extrapolated out to “Total Forage Value per Acre” using the Yield data.

Significant economic gains were had for all three treatments over the control.

Total Forage Value per Acre 1st

Total Forage Value per Acre 2nd

Total Forage Value per Acre 3rd
Pasto 01

The use of Allganic® Nitrogen proved extremely beneficial in raising both Yield and Relative Forage Quality, thus significantly increasing Total Forage Value.

The elevated Total Forage Value increased farmer’s gross income between $85-$263 per acre!

The costs of the treatments are very small compared to the return, with cost:benefit ratios ranging between 1:9 and 1:26 for Return on Investment.

Pasto 01