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The Use of Allganic® Nitrogen in Organic Corn Gives a Statistically Significant Increase in Yield and Farmer´s Income!

The bellow report covers 3 years of SQM´s Allganic® Nitrogen trial in organic corn.

The purpose of trial was to investigate the use of Allganic® Nitrogen(natural nitrate or sodium nitrate) to complement the Nitrogen (N) supplied by organic sources (manure), to provide 20% of the N required by organic corn.

This research was done in cooperation with Dr. Kathleen Delate associate professor of the Organic Agriculture Program at Iowa State University. The trial was conducted from 2008 to 2010 in Jefferson, Iowa.

"Allganic® Nitrogen 100% nitrate form of Nitrogen, does not requiere transformation in the soil to become part of the soil solution and be available for plant uptake.

100% Natural Sodium Nitrate from the Atacama Desert

Allganic® Nitrogen is a natural product obtained from the Caliche Ore in the Atacama Desert in north Chile. First of all, its 100% nitrate form of nitrogen does not require transformations in the soil to become part of the soil solution and be available for plant uptake.

This is unlike manure and other organic N sources that require transformations of N under optimal conditions which can cause plant N demand and soil N availability to be out of synchronization. Secondly, Allganic® Nitrogen can be applied at different times during the early growing season, at least until the last soil cultivation. Because of these two characteristics, Allganic® Nitrogen can be used to synchronize available soil N with crop demand during the critical early growth stages.
Allganic® Nitrogen Plot

Allganic® Nitrogen, a Quick Acting Source of Nitrate Nitrogen to Bridge The Stages Between Crop N Demand and Soil N Release

Synchronization of plant demand and soil N availability is major challenge faced by organic farmers today. Allganic® Nitrogen provides organic farmers an excellent tool to supplement crop rotations and manure applications, and to get their crops the right amount of nitrogen right when needed.

During adverse conditions such as excessive soil moisture (anaerobic) and low soil temperature that can slow or even stop the transformation of organic N in the soil, and after heavy rains when pre-plant manure applications may suffer from leaching and/or run-off, Allganic® Nitrogen acts as an insurance policy for the crop.

Allganic® Nitrogen Gives an Average Yield Increase of 32.7 bu/ac

The experimental design consisted of eight plots with two treatments randomly assigned and four replications:

Check Plot: Corn crop, cultivated following the normal practices for organic corn (chicken manure)

Allganic® Nitrogen Plot: Corn crop cultivated following the normal practices of organic corn (manure) plus the application of Allganic® Nitrogen to supply 20% of the N crop demand. Both plots had equal amounts of manure applied.

Sampling and measurements were conducted throughout the growing season and harvest to determine differences in N concentration, height, ear size, and yield. The experimental design and results are presented in the Table below:






Row length

118 m

388 ft


Number of rows




Row with

0.76 m

30 inch


Total trial width

36 m

120 ft

Input dates and quantity

Manure (applied Nov or Dec)

6.7 MT/ha

3 ton/ac

Planting date

1st week of May


Allganic® Nitrogen application date

40 days after planting


Target yield N-demand, quantity applied

Target corn yield

400-450 bu/ha

160-180 bu/ac

Total N-demand estimate

202 kg N/ha

180 lbs N/ac

20% total N demand

40.4 kg N/ha

36 lbs N/ac

Allganic® Nitrogen (20% total N demand)

252 kg/ha

225 lb/ac

Results: Avg. of 3 Years Yield

Check Plot Yield

6.7 MT/ha (b)

107.5 bu/ac (b)

Allganic® Nitrogen Plot Yield

8.8 MT/ha (b)

140.2 bu/ac (b)

Yield increase with Allganic® Nitrogen

2.1 MT/ha

32.7 bu/ac

Farmer´s extra income*

859 US$/ha

343 US$/ac

*price of corn based on Feb.2014 price of $10.50/bu

"859 $US/ha increase in gross farmer income"

The use of Allganic® Nitrogen from 2008-2010 proved extremely beneficial in terms of increasing yields and farmer´s income. Corn yield increases were statistically significant in the Allganic® Nitrogen plots. There was an average of 32.7 bu/acre (2.1 MT/ha) increase in plots fertilized with Allganic® Nitrogen. This amount to a 343 $US/acre (859 $US/ha) increase in gross farmer income at today´s organic corn prices.

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